Fun Activities to Do in Miami

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Miami has a lot to offer visitors, whether you’re looking for family fun in the city or a romantic escape. From visiting a psychic to visiting a beach, you’ll find the perfect Miami activity to suit your interests. Read on for some of our top picks. You might be surprised to find out that Miami has some of the most exciting things to do. No matter who you are, there’s sure to be something to suit your tastes.

Go to the beach

If you’re looking for a different type of fun activity in Miami, you can try the Art Deco District. This historic district is known for its colorfully painted buildings and neon signs. Visitors to the Art Deco District can stroll down the streets of South Beach and take in the sights. The area is also a great place to grab an early dinner and enjoy a stroll outdoors. The Miami Children’s Theater is also a top choice for kids, featuring graduates who’ve gone on to professional careers.

The beach is one of the city’s most popular attractions. While Miami is home to a variety of world-renowned hotels, fine sand, and aquamarine water, you’ll still find plenty to do on the shoreline. Take a double-decker tour and see everything that this area has to offer. It’s a great place for a relaxing holiday. You’ll be glad you did!

If you want to explore more culture in Miami, try the Perez Art Museum. Located near South Beach, this museum features over 2,000 works of art. Go City Miami Card holders can get a free admission to the museum. There’s also a Miami Tourist Pass, which gives you access to several museums. Once you’re settled in your hotel, you’ll be ready for the fun!

Take a psychic class

Psychics are renowned for their abilities to offer insights and clarity to their clients. There are several different ways to visit one of these professionals. Jack Rourke, for example, is a renowned Miami psychic and author. His services are focused on resolving issues relating to love and relationships, career, and health. In addition to his personal practice, Rourke also offers online sessions. For more information, visit this video:

Many psychics are skilled at reading body language and vocal patterns. The psychic will often speak slowly so that the listener has ample time to respond and react appropriately. Highly empathetic people can read subtle shifts in body language and respond accordingly. In addition, the psychic will likely provide you with detailed answers to your questions. During your session, you will be able to discuss the subject you’d like to address in detail.

If you’re looking for a genuine Miami psychic, consider visiting Atena. Her years of experience as a professional psychic reader have allowed her to assist people with a wide range of issues. She has worked with clients dealing with addictions, career issues, and negative energies. She also offers life coaching and holistic healing sessions, which can help you cope with tough situations in life. There are many reasons to visit a psychic in Miami, and you’ll likely be surprised by the answers you receive.

go to an opera show

If you’re in town for a vacation, you can go to an opera show to get a real taste of the arts. Miami has several venues to choose from, including the Olympia Theater, which is designed in a Moorish style. First opened in 1926, the Olympia has played host to performances by Luciano Pavarotti, Elvis Presley, and B.B. King. The theatre is also a great choice for a romantic date, and the venue is near plenty of restaurants for a delicious meal.

The Many Benefits of Going Yachting

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Whether you own your own yacht, or you are thinking of renting one, you may want to consider going out with some friends and family. You can have an excellent time on your yacht, traveling down the coast, or heading out into the open water. Yachts can be very entertaining, especially larger ones, that can provide you with many different options. You can do fishing, or simply lay on the deck to get a tan, on these luxury vessels that very few people have access to today. Here are some of the many benefits associated with going yachting with people that you know and love.

Why Most People Enjoy Yachting

There are so many reasons that a yacht rental in Miami, FL can be exciting and fun for people that are on these luxury boats. First of all, you can invite friends and family to spend hours with you, or even a few days, going to remote locations. Some of the onboard activities may involve getting a massage, getting a tan, or simply having a party that everybody can enjoy. If you want to on the water, you can use snorkeling, swimming, or even some scuba diving, depending upon where the boat is. Whether you own your own yacht, or if you are chartering one, you may want to follow a very definitive schedule to make the most out of each day.

When Should You Begin Your Yachting Experience

if you are chartering a yacht, these excursions typically begin as early as 7 AM. Most people like to see the sunrise. This will be followed by breakfast, and then a list of events that will occur during the day, that you can look forward to as the yacht travels out over the water. In some circumstances, you might be on a fishing yacht. They will take you to areas where it will be very easy to catch fish that you can reel in. For others, you will be taken to regions where snorkeling can be very exciting, looking at the many different coral reefs that will surround you. At the very least, you can enjoy the wind blowing past your face, as you accelerate through the still semi still waters of the ocean. By evening, you can enjoy dinner, and a lovely sunset, if you do also have a westbound view.

If you are never been on a yacht before, it is highly recommended that you try this out at least once in your life. There’s nothing quite like being on a vessel that is so luxurious, that offers you many opportunities for fun out on the open water. Whether you want to go fishing, swimming, snorkeling, or simply float out on the water with your friends and family, these are all things that you can do and more. Combine that with nighttime activities such as dancing, or simply relaxing and drinking martinis, you can have an exciting time. If going yachting is something you have always wanted to do, you should consider scheduling a yacht trip today.

Why Yacht Charters are Becoming Increasingly Popular in Miami

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Time is the most precious asset we have in an increasingly fast-paced modern world, so when it comes time to take that much-needed vacation our choice of destination and how we choose to spend that downtime is one that we need to consider extremely carefully. This is especially true today when COVID-19 travel restrictions are a reality – and when more and more people are trying to avoid large crowds.

These are some of the reasons why yacht charters are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who want to enjoy a vacation experience that offers luxury, adventure, and the opportunity to share time with those closest to us -and avoid the crowds.

Of course, yacht charters offer so much more. It is one of the few vacation options where you are offered an experience that combines freedom and choice. The horizon is your only limitation. Choose your daily routine to suit your mood, you may opt to enjoy the sun on a secluded beach, dive into sparkling clear waters or head to the port of your choice to engage in some retail therapy or experience new cultures and cuisine.

For those who want the ultra-luxurious option and the pampering that recharges those batteries a fully crewed yacht is only one option. With yacht charter packages like this, you will have the undivided attention of an onboard chef, a steward and a captain who will do their best to make your time onboard simply unforgettable. Enjoy sparkling champagne as the moon rises over the still waters while a balmy ocean breeze cools and refreshes you. Prepare for a seafood extravaganza consisting of only the freshest ingredients sourced that day, or sit down to a multi-course gourmet meal. Bask on the deck sipping on a freshly made cocktail or dive overboard and explore the depths. The choice is yours.

With so many types of yachts available and so many different destinations on the salt water or the fresh, the choice is even greater.

When you consider that your yacht charter experience provides an exclusive getaway with friends or family and the cost can be split among the party it soon becomes clear that time aboard a yacht offers exceptional value for money. Your next vacation should be an experience that will live on in memory for years to come – and when you are planning that much-needed downtime a yacht charter should be top of the bucket list.

Downtown Miami & Brickell- the History

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History of development and growth is not rare when considering Brickell and Downtown Miami. Though it lagged in the ’80s the area has made a major comeback as a cultural hub. And thanks in part to the opening of various museums, music venues, bars, and restaurants.
Bayfront Park
Bayfront is a 32-acre urban park that’s perfect for a nice walk, yoga or pilates section, or picnic in the grass where you can bring your pet, snacks, wine, and people watch or get there while the sun is setting to see the beautiful colors in the sky. This park is right next to the Frost Museum of Science that has things to do inside every day of the week. This is a great place to come if you have children and are looking to entertain them while still educating them on cool topics they might be interested in.
For the locals, the Frost Museum also has a day camp for children that provides a great learning experience with extra field trips around that city.
This area of downtown is hustling and bustling during the week and calms down on the weekends. This block however is always filled with adorable dogs that can be taken off their leash at the park. Along the edge of this park is the water where you can look across and see South Beach. You can see a ton of yachts, cruise ships, and fishing boats enjoying the weather and the water every day of the week as well.
Brickell is south of the central business district, separated by the Miami River. Brickell is one of Miami’s busiest, trendiest, and most upscale areas and is still exponentially growing with residents. Brickell was the Millionaire’s row of Miami once upon a time, home to a wide assortment of opulent mansions. Over the decades, the mansions have been replaced with highrises, as it’s slowly but surely taken over as the city’s central hub of all things business. This is the most densely populated area in the city. Manhattan of the South is Brickell. Luxury hotels on every block accompany the many expensive restaurants also seen lining these streets.

The Best Attractions in Miami, Florida

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When heading to a city as popular as Miami, it really pays to know your way around, have a feel for what’s going on, check where is what, and getting in the know before you head to the area. Welcome to Art Night South Miami, where we take you around our city, show you what there is to do, what’s worth seeing and what’s not, and how to find activities relevant to your hobbies or preferences
Read below for our travel guide to the beautiful city of Miami. For this list, we’re highlighting some of the most interesting, exciting, and beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and oceans in and around Miami.

Miami Beach
The magic city can be a bit overwhelming for the more uninitiated. Most people have heard of this city before, but understanding how it all fits together is a different story altogether. The main parts are actually different suburbs. Even though Miami Beach is part of Miami-Dade County, it is actually its own city in itself. Made by natural land and man-made barrier islands, it is separated by Biscayne Bay. Miami beach actually encompasses a number of the areas, districts, and neighborhoods you’ll probably want to spend the majority of your time- especially those looking for the sun or to hang out on the nice beaches.
Miami Beach is broken down into 3 locations- North, Mid, and South Beach. North is the least touristy, with more residents and slower-paced. Mid Beach is a transitional point in between the two where it’s part locals and part tourists, like the popular Faena District. South Beach is where most visitors head out to- SOBE begins south of Dade Blvd and is the cultural and nightlife hub of Miami Beach. The streets are lined with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. The area is very bike and pedestrian-friendly. The Miami Beach energy you see in pop-culture is found right here.
The Art Deco District
This area of architectural wonder and old-school charm is encompassed by Ocean Drive, one of the biggest draws to South beach- second to the actual beach itself. 6th Street, Alton Road, and Collins canal are all surrounding the Art Deco district. The SOBE area first experienced a development boom in the 1920s the Art Deco movement took off in the 1930s. The nightlife feels like not just a party, but one that takes travelers back in time because of its vintage feel.
Downtown Miami
DT Miami has come to encompass the entire city center under the umbrella of the Greater DT Miami area. The historic district, financial district, and police headquarters are all in this area.

Why Miami is One of the USA’s Premier Boating and Yachting Destinations?

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Miami remains one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. It is a city that has it all, from incredible fusion cuisine and fresh seafood, a heady mix of cultures and art, that wonderful art deco architecture, and pulsating nightlife. But for many, the main lure of Miami is the salt water. The azure waters of the Atlantic lap the powder-soft sands of the Miami beaches – and not far away, the Caribbean beckons.

It is the lure of these two bodies of water that call to those who want to enjoy boating and yachting off the shores of this vibrant city. But it is also the wonderful marinas that are available that make taking to the water such a pleasure.

There is Coconut Grove Marina with its 582 berths and fabulous opportunities to simply relax and take in the ambiance of the city. Those in the know head to Monty’s Raw Bar for the fabulous cocktails, great Stone Crab, and the ever-popular happy hour. The resident Coconut Grove Sailing Club is the place to arrange a charter or to literally learn the ropes and master the art of yachting.

Head South along the aptly named South Beach and one finds Miami Beach Marina with its 400 slips. A heady mix of boats available for charter and ultra-luxurious yachts are moored while their owners (and crew) enjoy the hospitality of venues such as ‘Texas De Brazil’ to enjoy the Brazillian style menu. Carnivores are right at home with favorites such as the Filet Mignon or the Lamb Picanha. Lastly, but definitely not least there’s MiaMarina at Bayside with its 130 slips. For those who want to enjoy some retail therapy, the neighboring Bayside Marketplace is perfect, offering numerous dining destinations, entertainment venues and a huge variety of retail brands for the avid shopper.

For those who want to enjoy the luxury, privacy, and exclusivity that is part and parcel of the boating And yachting scene in Miami there are numerous charter companies that offer everything from sport yachts, party vessels, motor yachts, and luxury sportfishing boats for those who want to explore the rich waters off the Miami coast. The port of Miami is also a favorite starting point for those who wish to venture further and explore the Caribbean islands or the wonders of the Keys.

In short, whether you own your watercraft, or want to charter one, Miami has a yachting or boating solution that will satisfy even the most demanding of saltwater lovers. So next time you feel the need to explore, or simply relax in one of the most fascinating cities in the U.S. – head for Miami.

Ocean Art Night

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Miami is the United States’s home to night time activities on the water. Whether it’s a yacht party, sunset cruise, or art exhibition in the ocean, we have what it takes to make the Atlantic ocean the new venue for all parties and art events in South Florida. Keep up with our blog to hear the latest news in South Florida’s art world, especially Miami & Fort Lauderdale.