The Best Attractions in Miami, Florida

When heading to a city as popular as Miami, it really pays to know your way around, have a feel for what’s going on, check where is what, and getting in the know before you head to the area. Welcome to Art Night South Miami, where we take you around our city, show you what there is to do, what’s worth seeing and what’s not, and how to find activities relevant to your hobbies or preferences
Read below for our travel guide to the beautiful city of Miami. For this list, we’re highlighting some of the most interesting, exciting, and beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and oceans in and around Miami.

Miami Beach
The magic city can be a bit overwhelming for the more uninitiated. Most people have heard of this city before, but understanding how it all fits together is a different story altogether. The main parts are actually different suburbs. Even though Miami Beach is part of Miami-Dade County, it is actually its own city in itself. Made by natural land and man-made barrier islands, it is separated by Biscayne Bay. Miami beach actually encompasses a number of the areas, districts, and neighborhoods you’ll probably want to spend the majority of your time- especially those looking for the sun or to hang out on the nice beaches.
Miami Beach is broken down into 3 locations- North, Mid, and South Beach. North is the least touristy, with more residents and slower-paced. Mid Beach is a transitional point in between the two where it’s part locals and part tourists, like the popular Faena District. South Beach is where most visitors head out to- SOBE begins south of Dade Blvd and is the cultural and nightlife hub of Miami Beach. The streets are lined with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops. The area is very bike and pedestrian-friendly. The Miami Beach energy you see in pop-culture is found right here.
The Art Deco District
This area of architectural wonder and old-school charm is encompassed by Ocean Drive, one of the biggest draws to South beach- second to the actual beach itself. 6th Street, Alton Road, and Collins canal are all surrounding the Art Deco district. The SOBE area first experienced a development boom in the 1920s the Art Deco movement took off in the 1930s. The nightlife feels like not just a party, but one that takes travelers back in time because of its vintage feel.
Downtown Miami
DT Miami has come to encompass the entire city center under the umbrella of the Greater DT Miami area. The historic district, financial district, and police headquarters are all in this area.

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